Christian Women Fellowship Ministry

Women’s Fellowship meets at the church every first Tuesday of month at 6:30 pm.



To provide an avenue where women can together and support each other, while encouraging and empowering them to maximize their God given purpose in life.




●  To encourage all women to become enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ, as we each become the woman that God created us to be.


●  To encourage all women to believe that God has a purpose for their lives and to seek that purpose.


●  To help each other grow in their Christian lives so that we can learn how to be a blessing to others.


●  To help women break barriers in their lives, deal with health issues, single parenting, finance, daily stresses, etc.


●  To help women intimately know the heavenly Father, so that we can be Christ-like women at home, in church, on our jobs and in our community.


How to accomplish these goals:


Through bible study



Creative Christian Women's Fellowship meetings